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This page serves as an assistance page and stipulates the Terms of use for our License Disc Renewal calculator. Effective 1 July 2021.

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Cathy’s Number Plates & Vehicle Registrations are herein referred to as Cathy’s. The person/individual using the calculator will be referred to as “the user”.

Calculator help

For the calculator to give you the most accurate estimation, here are some pointers:

  1. Select the Tare (kg) of your vehicle; this information can be found on your license disc.
  2. Select the Vehicle Type of your vehicle; this information can be found on your license disc.
Rigid Vehicle means: Passenger Vehicle, Light Vehicle, Truck Tractors (whether used for farming or not)

  1. Please note: if you need prices for heavy loads, please contact us at one of our listed branches.
  2. The district is the place/area where Cathy’s needs to submit your license disc renewal.
  3. Select the expiry date of your license disc; this date is written in bold letters on your license disc.
  4. If all the requirements are selected; click on “Calculate”.
  5. After you have clicked on “Calculate” you will see your results in the orange information block below the “calculate” button. And the information you have selected will be cleared.
  6. We do not store any information that you have selected, as part of our privacy information protection.
  7. You can do as many calculations as you please.
  8. We hope that this function on Cathy’s website can assist with an estimate to help you prepare for your license disc renewal fees.

If you have any other questions regarding the calculator, you are welcome to contact us on the numbers provided on the contact us page.

Terms of Use

The sole purpose of the calculator on Cathy’s website is to estimate the amount needed to get your license disc fees up to date. The user takes full responsibility to use the calculator at their own risk.

  1. In light of the above, we would like to add that the calculator we make available to the user is for their convenience, not for quotation purposes.
  2. Cathy’s will not be bound to any amount that was calculated on the calculator.
  3. Cathy’s admin fees are subject to change without prior notice to the user.
  4. Cathy’s reserves the right to collect excess fees according to any changes in fees linked to the License Department of the user’s district.
  5. Both the user and Cathy’s acknowledges the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 and are bound to this Act.

Cathy’s Roodepoort

  • 5 Dieperink Street, Roodepoort (Opposite Lincensing Department)
  • Office hours: 06H00 AM – 15H00 PM
  • (011) 763 5624 (Enquiries & Collections)
  • (011) 763 3843 (Management)
  • (079) 437 9915 (Business WhatsApp)
  • (079) 268 0707 (Calls only)

Cathy’s Wilro Park

  • Wilro Corner Shopping Centre, Shop 6, Cnr CR Swart and Mimosa Roads, Wilropark
  • Office hours: 07H00 AM – 16H00 PM
  • Office: 010 448 5150
  • (Management)
  • (083) 296 3794 (Rudi)
  • (082) 824 3095 (Alta)

Cathy’s Fairlands


  • Shop 3, 183 Smit Street, Zoto’s House Smit Street, Fairland, 2170
  • Mon-Fri 07h00 to 16h00
  • Saturdays 08h00 to 11h00
  • (082) 886 7804 (Call)
  • (079) 437 9915 (Business WhatsApp)
  • (010) 978 2774 (Office)
  • (Email)
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